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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  November 3, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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authorities. the other person authorities are lookg for. the gunman in the los angeles airport shooting still unable to speak with the authorities. the other person the authorities are looking for. it is now up to the b.a.r.t board of directors to approve the new union contract. why one member says he is not happy. and big changes coming to a major bay area shopping hub. why as many as 100 stores are forced to move out. good evening. it took an act of congress, really, an act of congress to make big plans for an up scale shopping center. we are talking about the plaza that could add up to 3,000 square feet of shopping space. it may be good for the economy but not the shops forced out
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because of the changes, don? >> reporter: anyone who shops here knows this is a great shopping mall. >> reporter: people are shopping taking little notice of the public hearing signs tied to the lampposts. more on the master plan that will see 300,000 square feet add to the shopping area. that is good news for shoppers. this couple comes here from danville. >> the variety of shops that are offered, the outdoor feel. >> neiman marcus, nordstrom, macy's, all of the above. >> reporter: making changes with new construction where 100 shops stand. the shops have to vacate by early next year according to the "times."
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one shop owner says he was surprised by a january 31st deadline to get out. >> the economy is getting better. so, i checked out a different type of spot. there will be some variety. it is all good. >> not good for the store. >> reporter: one store owner says they are moving ahead with the plans before getting approvals. a city spokesperson declined to comment. victoria secret already moved. it seems they are on board with plans to make the area the retail shopping center of the east bay but the luxury shopping center as well. within the span of 1 block shoppers can find neiman marcus, tiffany's, apple store and pottery barn. the pace they are moving suggests they know the approvals are coming. just a few weaks ago, according to the "times" gave them
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control of the covert needed for the expansion. >> the expansion may be good news for the traditional downtown. they hope the low vacancy rate will bring in national retailers. new details on the shooting at los angeles national airport, the man accused of shooting an agent he told police officers he acted alone and was dropped off by a friend. he is still in the hospital and heavy he sedated. whoever dropped him off at the airport they want that talk to him. >> reporter: a large flower arrangements paid tribute to the shooting victims of the los angeles airport. terminal 3 is open again as investigators tried to determine why shooting someplace had a beef against the tsa. the police found a note in his
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duffle bag says he wanted to kill multiple tsa agents. but the police have not found any run ins he had with the agency. they believe mental illness played a role. >> the suicide note i read talks about kill canning tsa agents and he said if i just kill one my mission is accomplished. >> reporter: ciancia is charged with shooting of two people and killing of one agent. >> every airport say little different. but the cordination with the local police is always key because remember tsa officers are not armed. >> reporter: one traveler told cbs news he was calm before the shooting and looked like just another passenger. back to you. >> ciancia's family says they
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tried to warn the authorities he was not stable. the family of a 13-year-old boy, shot and killed by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy, plans to file a lawsuit tomorrow. andy lopez was carrying a toy riffel and plastic handguns when he was shot on october 22nd. his family is expected to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against the county and the deputy. three wrongful death lawsuits have been filed. it is now up to the b.a.r.t board of directors to vote on the deal. not even is happy. not from the union but a member of the board. it including a pay raise over four years, workers have to pay into their pensions and monthly health contpwaougzs goes up, one person thinks b.a.r.t caved in. >> we -- contributions goes up,
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one person thinks b.a.r.t caved in. >> we did not do the public justice. we were not really willing to accept it. we sweetened the deal once the strike happened. >> he does not know what the other board members do but he plans to vote no. the meeting to vote on the contract should happen this week. it could be slow going on 101 in the north bay as a new casino opens on tuesday. along with a taste of vegas, the casino and resort is expected to bring a lot of traffic through the park. there are more than 3,000 slot and poker machines and 5700 parking spaces. the chp says the first few days could be gridlock. 10,000 more vehicles are expected on the roads in the area. >> we will try to keep it from happening. give yourself time to be mentally prepared for that. >> or not. >> if you wake up wednesday morning and things work great, that is great. >> they plan to set up charter
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bus service. the more of us out here less on unemployment. >> the transformation of these abandoned buildings that will bring thousands of jobs and new commerce to the bay area. airport workers thought it was a toy. it is real. the story of an alligator hanging out at chicago o'hare airport. the temperatures are going to go back up. we will take a bird's-eye view of the evening sky in san jose. stay with us. i will have the complete forecast as the news continues right here on kpix5 the great american novel.
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eventually bustle with busi. the "oakland global project" wi freeway... bet an area of oakland's waterfront sits abandoned right now. it will bustle with business. the oakland global project will sit west of the freeway between grand avenue and 7th street. on the project that is expected to bring thous understoods of jobs to the area. >> this former bank will be the site of the biggest construction project in oakland in decades. $500 million in the first phase. the city will transform these abandoned structures into large warehouses for the port of oakland. the 5th busiest port has been
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losing to rival ports down in long beach and l.a. >> giving oakland the ability draw cargo that would go,other gateways. >> reporter: this project known as oakland global will make inportses and exporting more efficient, allowing bigger ships and more cargo to come through oakland. state and federal leaders will break ground this afternoon. the mayor says this say win-win for oakland because it will crate 1500 construction jobs and 2,000 operation jobs. >> imagine if i can put 1500 people off of the streets of aopbg land and put them in good paying, blue collar jobss? >> oakland residents will get the first crack. >> 50% of the work hourers coming from oakland residents along with requirements that contractors hire, lockal residents as a present sis on the project. >> the more of us that is out
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here the less on unemployment. and you need every dollar that we can get. >> kpix-5. >> the city set up a job center at the west oakland job. tell generate $3 million in taxes for the city. if you wanted to own your own basketball the park theater that closed back in 2002 is selling off the wares before it sells off for good. >> many people have memories in this mace. they know it will be torn down they want to take a piece of it home. >> i really want to see it. i want to go in one more time. >> i love old a band oned places. this is like going to disneyland for me. >> no word when it is set to be demolished but he will turn it
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into an office and retail space. all right, we will show you more of this if you have not seen it already. why this is a rare hybrid solareclipse. >> it is cool. speaking of cool we were cooler yesterday than today. the temperatures going back up before they go back down again. your pinpoint forecast as the news continues. stay with us ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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last year... the new york cy marathon returned after a o year absence. a record number of runners participad amidst heightened security. washed out. the new york city marathon returned after a one-year absence. a record number of runners were there. many were in colorful costumes. one of the participants drew a
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cheer he was one of the people hurt during the blast at the boston marathon. >> literally hundreds of people cheering boston strong. it was -- it brought a tear to my eye a couple of times. >> they spent $1 million to security this year. double the amount they spent the last time the marathon was run. well, early this morning the moon blocked the sun creating a rare eclipse. here is what it looked like over west africa. an annular solareclipse created a hide rid eclipse. visible at sunrise and lasted for about 45 minutes. that is cool. >> yes. and you can see it 8,000 miles across the planet. that was unusual. i found unusual today in the bay area, you look up and did you see the halo around the
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sun? >> no, i miss today. >> it is usual he caused by cirrus clouds. masking the sun, causes the halo effect. usual he it means this say storm nearby. and, certainly -- it means there is a storm nearby. and, certainly that is the case. take a look at the overcast skies. the temperature cooling off. in the 50s and in the low 60s. currently 58 degrees in san jose. livermore, low 60s, oakland, 59, winds gusty at sfo. the scene looking out right now. sanfrancisco, 56 degrees. winds out of the west at 10 miles an hour. humidity up 56%. bottom line, what you need to know is, a shock to the system for many jobbing to work tomorrow. sun up at 6:15. the temperatures go up before they come back down. wind gust, sfo, gusting up to 24 miles an hour. tomorrow morning, during the commute, a wind advisory has been allowed to expire.
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we will still see gusts up to 25. 34 in some of the highest elevations around. and then the winds go towards sunset. today's highs came down considerably in compareton to yesterday. take a look at pacificca. 58 degrees, otherwise, low 60s in san francisco when average high, 66 degrees which should be near 70 in san jose. below average in livermore as well. tonight, over night, cooler than last night because the winds are dying down. 39, get out that extra blanket, in santa rosa. 48 in emeryville. back in through there. here is the dry front as it passed through the bay area. i know you saw the clouds, right? it was dry. no precipitation associated with it. behind it, winds, then they died down considerably. a ridge of high pressure that allowed the clouds work its way into the forecast. the low scoots out.
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the next one, upstream. it will arrive on thursday. all rain chances will remain north of the bay area. primarily around the mendoceno area. 60 in the greater lake tahoe area. 68 degrees in monterey bay. for tomorrow, your pinpoint forecast. low 60s, a string of 60s through the sunset district and avenues. 66 degrees. seasonal. and check out your -- in the low 70s. it is an autumn day. we cloud up on thursday and return partly cloudo friday, sunday, as the temperatures dip back down. look at saturday. yes. >> a cool autumn day. >> all right, football weather. >> all right, soccer game. >> thank you very much. the big questions for the operators of the chicago o'hare airport how did an alligator get in there?
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somebody captured the alligator in action at one of the it terminals. it was by the escalators. the police thought it was a joke when they got the call. >> what did you think when you heard the call? >> i figured somebody was messing with us. an alligator lose by lower terminal 3 by the escalators. >> did you think "did i hear that right?" >> absolutely. animal control is taking care of the gator. see those teeth right, there i used to have an alligator that size. you would feed it ham burger on a toothpick, right? and one day that little alligator chomped on my finger and drew blood. oh, yeah. >> yes. >> then teeth like this. >> what were you doing as an alligator? >> my uncle gave it to me as a pet. i will not tell you what event he happened to it.
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surprise start, their top 10 it begs the question. who were those imposters in raider uniforms today? chip kelly's offense put up points like his old oregon nick foles got the start ovn ael vick and he one reason for a surprise start, top 10 defense. who were the imposters in raider uniforms today? putting up points like the old oregon team.
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up 14-3. 2nd quarter, tj hayden fell down. going for cooper. 21-3 eagles. the raiders respond. ensuing drive, jennings, 8 start 20-10, now, before the first half ended the eagles would pack it on. plenty. wide open, 4th touchdown pass so far. eagles to the 28,-13 lead. davis, expressionless. now, the raider comeback would be without that man, mcfadden. hamstring again. back to work. jenkins fell down, jackson entered the end zone. jason defense just gutted by the 24-year-old quarterback. record-setting day. here is his 3rd to riley cooper. the 7th touchdown pass that ties an nfl record. raiders blown out by the eagles, 49-20. and oakland falls 3-5. >> i felt comfortable.
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i don't know. it is like when you are feeling the 3-pointer or whatever you are doing, you know, you get into a rhythm. >> i got a lot of confidence in the defense. i think it is a good defense, okay? >> we had a bad day. that happens, happens to everybody. you go out and you do what you are capable of doing and that is what happens. that is an old fashioned butt whipping. >> the only quarterbacks to throw seven touchdowns in a road game and the first to do it since eisenhower was in the oval office. seahawks his no idea what hit them. winless tampa bay, jumped out to a 21-0 lead. james, the jump shot. hook at this. have you seen that before? the receiving end. too much time left for the hawks. they come back under 2 minutes left to go in the game. wilson, for baldwin. cuts it down, tied it up at 24 and going to overtime. where, seattle would prevail. 27 yard chip, the biggest come
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from behind in history. winning 27-24 in ot. the buccaneers are 0-8. the shade of red may be different but alex smith, once again, on a team he is overshadowed by his defense. bills, looking to go up. shawn smith, this is what you call a 14 swing. takes it, instead of being down by 2 scores the chiefs tie at 10. the defense leads the afc with 22 takeaways this season. 4th quarter, tied at 13. going, knocking it loose. he scoops it it up, he scores. kansas city beats buffalo, 23- 13 to improve 9-0. mike shanahan watched his team blow a 10-point lead in the 4th quarter. chargers down 3, rivers, for what is initially ruled a touchdown but they review it and you will see the ball does not cross the goal line. so, san diego would have to
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settle for a game-tying field goal. then, washington would march right down the field on 1st possession, scott, two carries all season wins it with the third touchdown of the game. the red sox win it. the chargers drop 4-4. >> it was better on the cowboys sideline this week. under 6 minutes to go. they are down 3. going forward on 4th down. peterson refuses to go down. he drags four cowboys into the end zone. 140 yards and a touchdown. but, dallas could answer with a 90 yard traoeuf to win drive to win it. minnesota is 1-7 for the first time since the kennedy administration. fred couples took all of the drama out of the final day of the club. not one but two races. perry, all smiles as he clunked the season long title. the big crowd all week. for that man.
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freddie couples did not disappoint. getting a 5-stroke lead. did not let anybody think about coming back. setting up the par putt. gets the 9th win on the champions tour. to win by 6 strokes. it is going home, and $1 million prize for the player of the year. >> i would tell you to win one of these. it has been a great year. >> indeed it has. more on game day tonight tonight at 11:00: >> that is it for us at 5:30. we will see you back here in half an hour and then at 10:00 and 11:00. ,, ,,
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>> jeff: tonight gaps in security. did a recent change at lax make it easier for a gunman to start firing on friday? >> he is on the ground already and he was shot twice. >> jeff: should tsa officers carry weapons? carter evans and jeff pegues reports. a high profile american visit to egypt as supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi call for mass protests on the eve of his trial. the new york city marathon cancelled last year is run under heavy security this year. done dahler has a recap. and jason of cbs sports on the unusual case of a nfl player who says he left his team because he feared for his safety. >> this is th captioning sponsored by cbs


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